Travel Booking Tips

Italy is the favored destination for many tourists, food lovers, religious leaders, businessmen and art lovers. There are quite a few things one should consider while planning a trip to Italy.
Your dates should be fixed well in advance so that you can plan your stay elaborately and decide upon the means of getting there in the most economical way . If you book your air tickets early you are sure to get a good discounted price, compared to a last minute reservation. Compare the different airlines available that fly to Italy. See the number of stops they make on their way and also consider their timings and their record of punctuality. A flight having stops in between will be cheaper than a direct flight. If you are not in a hurry then it is better to take such flights as you can save quite a bit on the fares. If you are a tourist then have a look at the different holiday packages available through reputed tourist operators. You might end up with a better deal through them, compared to you doing it on your own.

July and August are considered to be off seasons for traveling in Italy as these months are hot and humid. These months will have more vacancies in hotels and cheaper rates, if you don’t mind the climate.

There are always different schemes available for senior citizens and students. Explore the internet for such schemes and reduce your overall cost of travel.
Strikes are quite common in Italy; therefore you can check with tourist agencies and airport authorities about any upcoming strike. Also gather information about the airport you will be landing in. Be informed about the custom regulations and duties charged on different items that you might carry with you. Why to pay some heavy duty for something which you thought was a regular thing to carry.
Alitalia is the international airlines of Italy and has Rome, Milan and Venice as its destinations. Usually the national flag carrier of the country will be offering direct flights and might work out a little costlier than your domestic airlines.
Try to book into lodgings which offer bed and breakfast. This will save you time and money when you are in a new place. After breakfast you are then at a liberty to explore the town. Hotel bookings are now possible online through the internet. But be careful and try to get proper information about the establishment before you actually do the reservation. Go for reputed and well known hotels, unless you are on a very tight budget. Now there is a new option of home stays also available on the internet. This can work out to be more fun and a culturally more fulfilling experience.
If you are going through a tour operator, then discuss in detail all your travel plans with him, including the places of attractions you want to see and ask him to help you out by providing reliable local guides that will take you around the place.