Parent Education

At Fallbrook Montessori, we believe that parental involvement in a child’s education is a key to the child’s success in school and in life. There are many ways parents can become involved in our educational community:

  • Attend parent education events
  • Volunteer to help make materials
  • Act as a Parent Liason
  • Event planning and execution
  • Improvements to the school facilities
  • Fundraising

On a day-to-day level, parent helpers are welcome to participate as chaperones at celebrations, field trips, or other special events. Parent volunteer needs for each classroom are published in the weekly bulletins as needed. Additionally, Children’s House parents will be asked to donate fruit, vegetables, crackers or cheese, etc. to provide for the daily snacks twice a year.

Two parents from each classroom will be invited to act as Parent Liasons. These volunteers will notify you regarding upcoming events, and to ask for help with sewing, material making, holiday projects, and school celebrations.

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The administrator and teachers of Fallbrook Montessori work in partnership with parents to provide an education that meets the needs of the whole child.

In order to assist parents in this partnership role, we offer several parent education programs throughout the year. The main purpose is to provide information on the Montessori curriculum and on how you can support your child’s development at home by working in partnership with us. It also provides a forum in which parents can discuss their views, concerns, and experiences with other parents who have similar goals for their children.

In addition to these classes, parents share in the life of their student by attending parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and parent-child nights. Classroom observations and discussions with teachers further involve parents in their child’s experience at school. We whole-heartedly support our parents’ efforts to enhance their child’s Montessori journey!

CPR Training Classes In Nebraska

CPR Training Classes In Nebraska

Nebraska has quite a few small towns which make it difficult to find CPR training classes within small locations. Because of this, people may have to travel further than they desire to get proper first aid and CPR certifications or reports.


Everyone knows how important it is to have training that can save lives in the workplace and especially with friends and family. We encourage all living in and around Nebraska to search out certified trainers who will offer paid or free courses. Some nursing homes may be one of the first places to check. If you can find someone who is employed for the fire department, they too can offer to train and certify.


Cities which we have listed or that we will be listing in the future include Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Bingham, Angora, Anselmo, Ansley, Bristow, Arcadia, Cedar Rapids, Beaver Crossing, Cedar Bluffs, Fremont, Hastings, North Platte, Ashton, Atkinson, Norfolk, Auburn, Columbus, Trumbull, Callaway and more to come.


You might also check to see if colleges in Nebraska are offering CPR classes as well. Below is a list of those which may be offering free and paid courses.


Listed in no particular order: Bellevue University in Bellevue, Central Community Collegein Grand Island, Hastings, and Columbus, Nebraska. Chadron State College, Clarkson College, College of Saint Mary, Concordia University in Seward, Creighton University, Dana College in Blair, Doane College in Crete, Grace University, Hastings College, Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago, Metropolitan Community College



Mid Plains Community College in McCook, Midland Lutheran College in Fremont, Nebraska Christian College in Papillion, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Nebraska Indian Community College in Macy, South Sioux City, Nebraska Methodist College, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Peru State College, Peru, Union College, Southeast Community College, Summit Christian College in Scottsbluff, and The Creative Center in Lincoln NE.

Le Marche Italy Tours

Le Marche Italy Tours

We devised some itineraries in each area to conveniently enjoy the tourist attractions in Le Marche Italy. We highlighted some of the main point of interest but don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path.

Le Marche is a very safe area and offers unsuspected treasures at every turn!

Ancona and the Conero Promontory

Ancona is a busy port. Most travelers arrive here only to catch a ferry to Greece, Croatia or Turkey but nevertheless, Ancona has some interesting monuments and tourist attractions that are worth a visit.

The Conero Riviera is one of the most beautiful natural environment of the Adriatic Riviera.

Here limestone outcroppings from the Apennines plunge into the sea creating stunning views. The Monte Conero is rich of wildlife and is now a natural park.

The area is also famous for the outstanding red wines and a wine tasting tour is a must for any keen enologist.

What to Visit Around Ancona

Here is an interesting tour of Ancona province.

Jesi is at the center of an area that produces excellent white wines.

Senigallia, thanks to its velvet beaches, many attractions and events is an appreciated beach resort, one of the tourist attractions in Italy.

Loreto is one of the main religious pilgrimage towns in Europe. Records of a holy shrine in Loreto go back to the 1294. Discover the legend of the holy house of Loreto.

Pesaro and its Surroundings

Pesaro is the city of birth of Gioacchino Rossini, the famous composer of Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Every year this town celebrates its most famous son with an international festival.

The walls of Gradara enclose a perfect castle and a perfect medieval world restored lovingly in 1923.


Federico da Montefeltro made of the jewel town of Urbino one of the culture centers of the Renaissance.

The Palazzo Ducale looks like a fairy tale castle and hosts some of the most important works of art of the Renaissance.

Acqualangna is the undisputed capital of truffle, here you can find fresh truffle year round.

Montefeltro Country

The Montefeltro is a rugged and beautiful area in the Northwest of Le Marche Italy.

San Leo is the imposing and inaccessible fortress were the mysterious Count Cagliostro, alchemist and medium of the 18th century, was imprisoned and finally died. According to the legend is a body was never found.

This area is also a mecca for the gourmet with the Ambra di Talamello cheese and the formidable Carpegna ham.

The Right Time

Since the climate across Italy can tend to be highly diverse, depending on the location, it’s advisable for you to acquaint yourself with the various climatic conditions of the different regions in order to be able to plan your trip smartly and get the most out of it. In general, keep in mind that, traveling in Italy is most enjoyable in two seasons — early spring and autumn.

Let’s take a quick look at the various regions and the weather conditions that prevail there:


While summers in the northern Alpine region are guaranteed to be pleasant, winters are said to be severe. Again here, make a note of the fact that summer in the northern part of Italy is far more to one’s liking than the harsh summer conditions prevalent in the southern parts. The northern Italian plain is the best with its continental weather conditions.


Cities like Milan, Venice, Verona and Bologna are all located in Northern Italy and are best visited during spring season when lush greenery transforms the landscape creating breathtaking scenes. Winter weather in Italy is known to be mild with occasional foggy conditions while the climate in summer is dry and humid though moderated by soothing sea breezes. Winters in Venice are characterized by hovering mists that lend the city an aura of mystery and romance that few travelers can resist.

The month of September in the southern parts of Italy brings with it a Mediterranean type of climate consisting of warm and dry conditions with a tad more sunshine than is comfortable. These parts, as a result, see relatively fewer tourists during this time of year. July and August are also very hot and humid in these parts making them less popular with tourists from cooler climes. However, this is a great time to visit the coastal areas, mountains and forests of Italy, which experience much better climatic conditions.

If you’re planning on visiting popular cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Verona, Naples, Bologna and the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy, try to do so in the months of November or March. April (during Easter), May, June, October and December (during Christmas) are times when these cities are crowded with tourists. So, if you want to avoid the crowds, you can also make use of July and August though it’ll mean putting up with uncomfortably hot weather.

The Apennines and Alps experience short and cool summers and long and cold winters. So, the ski season might start in December and last right up to April. If a skiing holiday is what you’re looking for, plan your trip for these months. If, however, you’re looking to escape the below zero effects of winter, then head to southern Italy which stays much warmer than the rest of Italy.

Summer is when business peaks in Italy making it a busy time. August on the other hand is the slowest month with many businesses choosing to shut down for a short time while owners enjoy vacations. Easter, Christmas and other prominent religious holidays are also peak seasons so expect prices in large towns and cities to rise.

Time your visit for late spring or early autumn and you’re bound to get the most out of your holiday in this magnificent country. The weather will be mild and it’ll be least crowded.

Travel Booking Tips

Italy is the favored destination for many tourists, food lovers, religious leaders, businessmen and art lovers. There are quite a few things one should consider while planning a trip to Italy.
Your dates should be fixed well in advance so that you can plan your stay elaborately and decide upon the means of getting there in the most economical way . If you book your air tickets early you are sure to get a good discounted price, compared to a last minute reservation. Compare the different airlines available that fly to Italy. See the number of stops they make on their way and also consider their timings and their record of punctuality. A flight having stops in between will be cheaper than a direct flight. If you are not in a hurry then it is better to take such flights as you can save quite a bit on the fares. If you are a tourist then have a look at the different holiday packages available through reputed tourist operators. You might end up with a better deal through them, compared to you doing it on your own.

July and August are considered to be off seasons for traveling in Italy as these months are hot and humid. These months will have more vacancies in hotels and cheaper rates, if you don’t mind the climate.

There are always different schemes available for senior citizens and students. Explore the internet for such schemes and reduce your overall cost of travel.
Strikes are quite common in Italy; therefore you can check with tourist agencies and airport authorities about any upcoming strike. Also gather information about the airport you will be landing in. Be informed about the custom regulations and duties charged on different items that you might carry with you. Why to pay some heavy duty for something which you thought was a regular thing to carry.
Alitalia is the international airlines of Italy and has Rome, Milan and Venice as its destinations. Usually the national flag carrier of the country will be offering direct flights and might work out a little costlier than your domestic airlines.
Try to book into lodgings which offer bed and breakfast. This will save you time and money when you are in a new place. After breakfast you are then at a liberty to explore the town. Hotel bookings are now possible online through the internet. But be careful and try to get proper information about the establishment before you actually do the reservation. Go for reputed and well known hotels, unless you are on a very tight budget. Now there is a new option of home stays also available on the internet. This can work out to be more fun and a culturally more fulfilling experience.
If you are going through a tour operator, then discuss in detail all your travel plans with him, including the places of attractions you want to see and ask him to help you out by providing reliable local guides that will take you around the place.

Travel Insurance

In simple words, travel insurance is a policy that protects against risk which might occur during a vacation abroad. The only two prominent reasons for travel are business or pleasure. One does not expect the hard earned vacation or a crucial business meeting to get ruined. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider low cost travel insurance.
Life being unpredictable, there are possibilities of some unexpected events irrespective of the perfect planning. Unfortunate events such as baggage loss, passport loss, a medical emergency or an accident can turn outlandish. Having travel insurance at such a point provides coverage against in the event of any unforeseen situation and ensures protection against monetary liability. Having low cost travel insurance is far better than having a less or no travel insurance coverage.
The two biggest risks that are provided under most of the travel insurance policies are the costs of changing travel plans and any medical care and emergency assistance that is required during the trip.

Buying directly from the travel insurance company is regarded as an economical option, which provides potential savings of hundreds of dollars, as compared to buying the same from travel agents.
Some of the travel agents provide an “in-house” travel insurance policy which only covers their own cancellation fees and little else. Though it may be cheap but it does not provide for the required amount of travel insurance coverage.
However, buying over the internet is even a better alternative than purchasing from the insurer or a travel agent, as it provides the cheapest travel insurance deals. Especially with the accessibility provided by the internet finding low cost and affordable travel insurance is like clicking a mouse. Buying from the internet provides access to the details of the policy anytime and anywhere in just a click.
The first step must begin with comparing the travel insurance rates, coverage and the plans offered by big insurance companies before taking a final decision. It is also important to ensure the bona-fides of the company while buying from the internet.
The travel insurance does not come free with downloads from the internet, the nominal price which needs to be paid is called the premium. Premium is premeditated based on various factors such as age, place of visit, duration of the trip and the coverage of the policy.
The benefits of the cover, the exclusions on the cover and other product features must also be looked into. Apart from understanding of the claims procedure and the cashless hospital network availability. Having a list of the network hospitals before deciding policy is also a factor.
Purchasing double coverage is a waste of money as it does not double benefits but doubles the confusion which further delays the payments. It is also advisable to take the list of region specific toll free contact numbers when buying the policy.
Having an affordable travel insurance plan instead of going for an extra insurance coverage is a thoughtful decision. It is important to read and understand the policy wordings carefully. To avoid any confusion and be sure of what is covered and what is not.